(July 18) RICHMOND, Va. — A healthier menu at McDonald’s and other fast-food purveyors is presenting a good-news/bad-news scenario for Performance Food Group.

Performance, the third-largest foodservice distributor in the U.S., is the primary supplier of ingredients for new premium salads at McDonald’s Corp.

And, on July 14, McDonald’s announced that it would test market apple slices as an alternative to french fries in its children’s Happy Meals.

Performance also will be supplying the apples for the trial.

That’s the good news, from Performance’s perspective.

The bad news is that the company also announced that it expects earnings for the second quarter to be in the range of 48-50 cents per share fully diluted, down from a previous estimate of 50-52 cents.

Increased demand from fast-food restaurants for salad ingredients supplied by Performance’s fresh-cut division, which operates as Fresh Express Retail and Fresh Express Foodservice, helped to fuel price spikes for those ingredients and likely would cut into earnings, Performance officials said in a news release.

With iceberg peaking in the mid-$20s in June and continuing to sell for more than usual in July, Performance’s big contract clients have turned to the open market to find enough lettuce to meet demand.

The company was scheduled to release its second-quarter earnings report July 29.

“Sales in all segments of our business have outpaced industry benchmarks during the quarter,” Michael Gray, president and chief executive officer, said. “While lettuce prices have affected our anticipated second-quarter results, we believe that increased demand for salad products from quick-service restaurants will ultimately result in long-term benefits for the company.”