(Nov. 27) Merex Food Corp., Yonkers, N.Y., implemented some personnel changes in November.

Joseph Aponte was promoted to sales manager after five years as a salesman with the company.

Seth Goldenberg rejoined the company as a salesman.

“He’s been with us before, and a lot of customers know him,” said brand manager Joyce Fredo. “We want them to know he’s back.”

Deborah Ricciardi is new to Merex as a saleswoman. She previously was with Sally Sherman Foods, Mount Vernon, N.Y., where she worked in sales. Her focus will be on Merex’s Bon Campo brand.

Jamie Fishgold joined the company as a salesman at Merex’s Phoenix office.

In addition, Fredo became brand manager this year.

“For a good part of that time I was actually a consultant,” Fredo said. “Only recently have I come on the staff, in January 2007.”

Fredo said that the part of the reason for the changes is the more active role Dave Blumberg, founder, president and chief executive officer, has taken in the company.

“He wasn’t so directly involved in the company for a few years, and now he’s back, and he’s giving the company a really strong forward push,” Fredo said.

Merex is a specialty produce grower, importer and distributor.