Mexico Supreme Quality launched a new Web site dedicated to information and news about the certification system for perishable imports to North America.

Mexico Supreme Quality launches new site

The entity is the official Mexican Government and Secretary of Agriculture Safety and Sanitation Certification System.

The site,, includes pages for general information about the program, the program review, products and producers, seasonal recipes and nutrition and a blog archive. Users can also sign up to receive email notification when a new blog post is submitted.

Lizeth Quintero, general manager of Mexico Supreme Quality, posted the first regular blog entry Feb. 25. Her entry discusses a new program, MCS (Mexico Calidad Suprema) Ambassadors program, which will establish an advisory board of industry leaders.

Producers who complete Mexico Quality Supreme’s educational and monitoring program have access to use its Seal of Excellence on products and packaging.

The program is based on GlobalGAP protocols, and is accepted by retailers in Europe, Asia and North America, according to the site.