(Aug. 2) NOGALES, Ariz. —Two California-based fresh produce shippers will dissolve their partnership after only one year together.

King City, Calif.-based Meyer Tomatoes LLC and Salinas, Calif.-based Pacific International Marketing in late July were in the process of breaking up Meyer-Pacific LLC, a company formed a year ago.

The company imported tomatoes, vegetables, melons and grapes from Mexico through Nogales. Combined, the companies estimated they would ship 10 million cartons of produce per year.

As separate companies, Meyer Tomatoes and Pacific International plan to continue operations in Nogales.

Pacific International vacated the Nogales office of Meyer Tomatoes on July 1, said Veronica Urzua, human resources director for Pacific. The company moved its operations into an office at Calixtro Distributing Co. Inc., which operates out of the Rio Rico Industrial Park.

Calixtro and Pacific have not formed a business relationship, Urzua said.

Bob Meyer, owner of Meyer Tomatoes, said his company plans to continue its deal out of Mexico. He said Meyer Tomatoes would hire new employees, but he declined further comment.

Tom Russell, president of Pacific International, was not available for comment. He and Meyer spearheaded the partnership.

Urzua said Pacific International retained the four-person sales staff that it had before it joined Meyer. Doug Schaefer, Mark Russell, Annette Gonzales and George Zarate will continue to sell the company’s products from its new office.