(Sept. 4) SALINAS, Calif. — Consumers who want their organic veggies but don’t have time to cut them up are getting some help from Misionero Vegetables.

The company, which also markets a variety of organic fresh-cut salads under its Earth Greens label, introduced three organic, fresh-cut vegetable packs in mid-August. They are organic broccoli florets, organic broccoli florets with carrots and organic broccoli slaw.

All three products come in microwaveable bags and are available nationwide year-round. The products are all grown in the U.S.

Each package is 12 ounces, and Misionero ships them in cartons of six bags.

“This is a perfect extension to our extensive line of organic products under the Earth Greens label,” said Dan Canales, director of sales. “A lot of chain stores look for new items to introduce on the organic side. Cut vegetables have been around for a long time on the conventional side, and we wanted to give stores organic options for those products.”