(April 4) In what was described as reorganization, Misionero Vegetables, Salinas, Calif., is closing a processing facility.

At the same time, Greg Gattis, vice president of sales and marketing for Salinas, Calif.-based Misionero Vegetables for the past 15 years, is no longer with the company.

“The owners and management of the company are evaluating all of their operations,” said Dan Canales, former director of sales who was promoted to the vice president of sales and marketing position, April 3. “They decided we had some duplication in different areas and unfortunately Greg happened to be in one of those areas.”

Canales said no one else would be leaving the company at this time.

In a move to further efficiencies, Canales said the company is also combining production facilities. Its Salinas facility will be closed and all processing will be moved to its Gonzales facility, as well as the entire management team.

“This will help tremendously to have all of our production under one roof,” he said.

Canales said the owners have not decided what to do with the Salinas facility.

Misionero Vegetables consolidating in California
Because of a reorganization at Salinas, Calif.-based Misionero Vegetables, Greg Gattis -- who was the firm's vice president of sales and marketing for the past 15 years -- is no longer with the company.