Monterey Mushrooms has surpassed the $1.5 million mark in scholarship awards to employees’ children since 1992, the Watsonville, Calif.-based company said.

More than 980 have received scholarships, including $150,000 in new or renewed scholarships to 107 students this school year.

Applications came from Monterey Mushrooms’ facilities throughout North America. Students can receive the annual awards for up to four years if they meet criteria.

“Today, more than ever, Monterey looks to its people to maintain its vision and strength,” said
Shah Kazemi, president and chief executive officer of Monterey Mushrooms, in a news release. “Thus we remain dedicated to helping our young people … prepare for the future and achieve their goals. Whether they choose to become teachers, health care providers, engineers or enter other areas of higher learning, they will need these skills and more."

The scholarship program is named for Carl Fields, the late vice president of marketing for Monterey Mushrooms.

“Carl would be pleased to know that this tradition is actively continuing at Monterey today,” Kazemi said in the release.