Apple Dippers at McDonald’s restaurants across the country now carry the Fruits & Veggies — More Matters logo.

More Matters logo appears on Apple Dippers

Courtesy the Produce for Better Health Foundation 

Starting with “Shrek Forever After”-themed Apple Dipper bags, which came out in mid-May to promote the popular ogre movie, the bags have the logo, which replaced the 5 a Day promotion in 2006. Once the supply of Shrek packages run out, the standard Apple Dipper bags will continue to carry the logo, said Jill Le Brasseur, communications specialist for the Produce for Better Health Foundation.

When McDonalds introduced a line of entree salads in 2007, PBH and Fruits & Veggies — More Matters helped to promote the new menu items.

In 2005, a McDonald’s representative joined the PBH board.

The Apple Dippers are the only fruit or vegetable item at McDonald’s that carries the More Matters logo, Le Brasseur said.