(Dec. 4) The Chilean Avocado Importers Association is continuing a multimedia marketing campaign designed to highlight the simplicity an avocado offers.

The association is spreading the message to consumers that Chilean hass avocados are in season, easy to handle, good for you and great to cook with — particularly during the holidays — via the food section in newspapers nationwide and through a spot on Mr. Food’s cooking show Dec. 13, said Maggie Bezart, marketing director for the Aptos, Calif.-based association.

The TV personality aired the first two-minute avocado segment on Oct. 18, and he has proven to be an effective marketing tool, Bezart said. The weekly cooking show airs in more than 150 markets nationwide, and the two segments should target more than 10.5 million consumers, saving the association more than $200,000 in advertising costs, Bezart said.

Previously, Mr. Food spoke about the country of Chile, growing regions and how Chileans use avocados, but this time around he will have a different emphasis, Bezart said.

“He’s going to focus on the nutritional value and the simplicity of using the product,” Bezart said. “Mr. Food knows his audience.”

One way the TV personality plans to emphasize the avocado’s ease and versatility is by demonstrating how to prepare an avocado spread — accomplished by simply mashing the avocado in a plastic bag — which can be used on a sandwich, Bezart said.