(March 14) The Mushroom Council’s next promotion will be hard to miss.

The San Jose, Calif.-based council is planning a four-week promotion beginning May 21, to run in more than 6,500 stores nationwide, said spokeswoman Eva Wong.

“This probably will be the largest single promotion the Mushroom Council has ever done,” said Curtis Jurgensmeyer, council chairman and chief executive officer of J-M Farms Inc., Miami, Okla. “After Mother’s Day, things tend to slow down, so growers need promotional help.”

The council will study three different methods of promotion during the campaign, which will feature the council’s new logo and slogan — “Mushrooms. Nature’s Hidden Treasure.” Wong said 1,168 grocers will use the slogan during commercials on their in-store radio systems. Meanwhile 3,349 stores will use shelf signs and 1,996 will use floor graphics.

Jurgensmeyer said that each participating store would use only one of the three types of advertising.

“That way we can evaluate which ones work best,” he said. “The next time we have a promotion, we’ll get more bang for our buck.”