(Dec. 3, 1:50 p.m.) More than 90 grocery retailers across the country have found their home on the Web using MyWebGrocer.com.

The Colchester, Vt.-based Web service, which helps grocers with Web site design and development, e-mail marketing, online circulars and online shopping, has grown to cover about 85% of the U.S. since 1999, said Courtney Musella, public relations coordinator.

MyWebGrocer does more than enable online shopping, Musella said. It helps shoppers plan their trips to the store through e-mail newsletters, search boxes and recipes.

Consumers skeptical of purchasing produce from an online retailer shouldn’t worry, Musella said. Each order is picked by a personal shopper.

“Personal shoppers in the store know how the fruit is displayed, the schedule of when the fresh stuff is in and which day of the week is best for each piece of produce,” she said.

Personal shoppers also are trained by MyWebGrocer on best practices for online grocery shopping programs.

“If the personal shopper just believes the item that is in stock does not meet the best standards, they will call the customer to discuss options like substitutes, discounts, other stores and more,’ she said.

Online advertising network

Another service provided by MyWebGrocer is its advertising network.

Fairfield, Calif.-based Raley’s Supermarkets recently enhanced its Web presence through MyWebGrocer’s online advertising network. The network, which Musella said is the largest in the U.S., allows manufacturers and consumer products companies use their platform to advertise their products through banners, e-mail newsletters and site search boxes.

A company can provide keywords to place their banner at the top of the product search results for a retailer.

“Eighty percent of our shoppers use the retailer site search box in their shopping planning process,” Musella said.

When advertisements are clicked by shoppers, they are sent to the store’s Web site and are shown all of the brand’s items for sale.

“This enables us to put your product right in front of the right consumer at the exact time they are making their online purchase decisions, with credit card in hand,” she said.