(March 1) VISALIA, Calif. — A large stone fruit and grape grower-shipper, Nash-De Camp Co., is shedding its Central California peach, plum and nectarine programs, according to media reports.

The 88-year-old company and major Chilean importer will focus on its table grape operations.

Company president, Stephen Biswell, did not return calls.

Nash-De Camp’s biggest commodities have been grapes, plums, peaches, pears, nectarines, tomatoes, cantaloupes, lettuce and celery.

The company owned most of its land for its tree fruit deal, according to an industry source, but it was unknown what will happen to that land now.

The company’s grape deal is far from small, claiming more than 90% of its Chilean imports, with Chilean kiwifruit and stone fruit making up the difference.

The company has packinghouses in Reedley and Exeter along with a storage facility in Exeter.

Its main offices are in Visalia, and it has its hand in ownership of a coastal vegetable handler.