(Nov. 20) A new cabbage variety, new overwrap shrink machines and a new Web site are among the recent changes at Hollar & Greene Produce Co. Inc., Boone, N.C.

The grower-shipper plans to begin shipping its new variety, Highpoint Sweet cabbage, from its shed in Bunnell, Fla., in January, said Tim Greene, director of sales and farming.

Highpoint cabbage has a distinctive cone-like shape that distinguishes it from other varieties and displays attractively at retail, Greene said. But its main differentiating characteristics, he said, are taste and texture. The Highpoint is very sweet and tender, he said.

The variety can be a challenge to grow, however, Greene said.

“It’s temperamental,” he said. “It grows fast, and it’s a little more perishable.”

Hollar & Greene plans to ship Highpoint year-round but only on a limited basis to start, Greene said.

In the past few months, Hollar & Greene has installed new overwrap shrink machines at facilities in Wisconsin, North Carolina and Georgia, Greene said. A fourth is scheduled to be installed in Bunnell, probably by mid-December, he said.

Shrink-wrapped cabbage displays well, is tamperproof and doesn’t wrinkle as much, Greene said. With other forms of cabbage packaging, labels can wrinkle and cover up text, he said.

The company’s new shrink wrap machines also boast labor-saving capabilities, Greene said. That’s becoming more and more important to today’s growers, he said.

“We’re having trouble with labor in every location, from Wisconsin and New York all the way down to Florida,” Greene said.

Even with the new machines, Hollar & Greene workers will continue to hand-wrap cabbage in fields and sheds, Greene said.

The company’s new Web site, www.hollarandgreene.com, went online in early November, Greene said. It is designed to build brand loyalty among consumers and provide them with nutrition information, recipes and other information, he said.