(March 26) The New England McIntosh Growers Association, Hatfield, Mass., has voted unanimously to change its name to the New England Apples Association.

Russell Powell, executive director of the 400-member association, said all promotional efforts at the consumer level will be done under the New England Apples name.

“The new name is more accurate,” Powell said. “I would often encounter people who would ask, ‘Do you just represent McIntosh growers?’ I would say, ‘No, McIntosh is the leading apple, but the association represents all growers and all varieties.’ In our opinion, this new name speaks more directly to consumers.”

Powell said the association plans to develop a new logo for the organization so all promotions starting this fall will feature the logo and name.

At the Feb. 26 meeting at which the name change was approved, members also discussed developing value-added products within the next six months. Powell said a task force would meet the first week of April and discuss market and product ideas.