New Leaf Food Safety Solutions LLC, has launched a new liquid wash for leafy greens the company says significantly reduces bacterial contamination and protects against foodborne illnesses.

The new product, SmartWash, “ensures consistent and optimal levels of contamination-fighting agents” when combined with chlorine wash agents, Salinas, Calif.-based New Leaf said in a news release. “The result is a significant reduction in food contaminants and total prevention of cross-contamination.”

Made from “safe and common everyday food ingredients,” SmartWash “boosts and stabilizes the pathogen-fighting power of standard wash systems,” Tanya Mason, New Leaf’s vice president for business development, said in an e-mail.

SmartWash “maintains optimum levels of free chlorine even in the presence of a high organic load,” she said.

Chlorine washes are commonly used by the fresh produce industry to kill E. coli and other bacteria.

Concern over E. coli, salmonella and other bacteria have grown for produce growers in recent years after illness outbreaks linked tainted lettuce and spinach. Earlier this year, shredded romaine lettuce contaminated with E. coli sickened at least 26 people in five states.

New Leaf is currently focused on selling SmartWash to leafy greens and fresh, ready-to-eat vegetable processors, though it eventually intends to make the wash available to the rest of the produce industry, Mason said.

SmartWash was reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration and has been “fully tested and proven in full scale commercial production to eliminate 100% of bacterial cross-contamination,” Taylor said.

New Leaf is a unit of Taylor Fresh Foods, which also runs Taylor Farms, a major leafy greens grower with operations in the U.S. and Mexico. Taylor Farms is using SmartWash for all of its leafy greens wash systems, New Leaf said.