(Nov. 29) California navels should still make their way into South Korea after a newly-approved trade arrangement hit a bump in the finalization process Nov. 16.

South Korea attempted to add about a dozen requirements to what is already considered a strict trade protocol for navels shipped from Fresno and Tulare counties. An agreement was originally reached between the U.S. and South Korea Nov. 11.

The citrus industry said “no more” in response to the introduction of additional demands, said Joel Nelsen, president of the California Citrus Mutual, Exeter.

U.S. Department of Agriculture honored the industry’s stance and petitioned major leaders to aid in the situation.

About 25% of California’s total navel export sales were shipments to South Korea during the previous season.

Navels out of the state’s top producing regions must be sampled and stored for 20 days before fruit is eligible to be exported.

Now shippers will have to wait 20 days from Nov. 22, instead of Nov. 11, before fruit can be approved — that is if no changes are made to the trade agreement in the meantime.