(Dec. 18) Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc., Monterey, Calif., is introducing two bagged gourmet salads that are expected to be available to retailers nationwide by Feb. 11.

The new blends will join the Dole Fresh Discoveries line introduced in October at the Produce Marketing Association’s Fresh Summit 2007 in Houston. The Tender Garden mix has baby spinach, baby lettuce, carrots, baby greens and radicchio. The 7 Lettuces salad mix is a blend of romaine, red leaf, green leaf, butter, escarole, radicchio and endive.

“We believe that Americans are becoming more sophisticated in their food choices,” said Bil Goldfield, communications manager. “Cooking and entertaining friends and family at home is becoming more and more popular, with more than 18% of adults trying to eat gourmet food whenever they can. We think that by matching these consumer food trends with specific salads like 7 Lettuces and Tender Garden, we can increase the purchase frequency in the salad category.”

In this latest push to build on its brand, Dole is investing heavily in its Grab the Goodness integrated marketing campaign, that will take advantage of numerous elements, including free-standing inserts and the Catalina program, which generates printed coupons at the register, as well as in-store point of sales materials, Goldfield said.

The Grab the Goodness campaign marks Dole’s second major national campaign launched within six months with 11 new products, including these two latest blends and nine pre-cut microwavable vegetables and trays.

New salad blends join Dole Fresh Discoveries line
Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc. has introduced Tender Garden and 7 Lettuces salad mixes, which join the Dole Fresh Discoveries line.