(Oct. 24) NSF International, Ann Arbor, Mich., has offered food-safety services and auditing through NSF-Cook & Thurber since acquiring that company in 2001.

That didn’t stop the nonprofit organization from adding another third-party auditing company to its lineup when it recently purchased Aptos, Calif.-based Davis Fresh Technologies.

Tom Chestnut, vice president of supply chain food safety and quality programs, said the deal gives NSF customers a comprehensive food safety solution.

“Both Davis Fresh and Cook & Thurber are known for their experience and expertise in their respective areas,” Chestnut said. “Davis Fresh brings the farm-level expertise that will complement the processor experience of the Cook & Thurber team.”

Terms of the sale were not disclosed.

Craig Bowden, president of renamed NSF-Davis Fresh, said his company and Cook & Thurber had a limited amount of overlap in clients and services. Cook & Thurber works with customers in the food, beverage, animal feed and packaging industries, while Davis Fresh specializes in the produce industry.

NSF bought Quality Assurance International Inc., the San Diego-based organic certification company, two years ago, and Chestnut said additional acquisitions are likely in order to increase customer services. The for-profit subsidiaries of the nonprofit organization can coordinate services for NSF customers, Bowden said.

Davis Fresh and Cook & Thurber had already worked together on a comprehensive program for a common customer, a fast-food chain that Bowden declined to name, before the sale was completed. Cook & Thurber audited the customer’s facilities and those of its processed food suppliers, while Davis Fresh audited the company’s produce suppliers.

The sale expands NSF’s reach into South America, where Davis Fresh has offices in Peru and Chile.