(March 13, 4:30 p.m., PACKER WEB EXCLUSIVE) Eating New York apples can help consumers lead a healthier lifestyle.

That’s the premise behind the book recently published by the New York Apple Association, titled, “The New York Apple: A Sensible Eating Plan for Life,” which highlights the apple’s attributes and details the correlation between apple consumption and staying fit, said Peter Gregg, spokesman for the Fishers-based association.

“It’s an effective way to help people lose weight and make healthier eating choices,” Gregg said. “From our standpoint, we thought it would be a great way to promote apples.”

Dietician Linda Quinn wrote the 40-page book, which includes exercise tips, recipes, nutrition information and additional advantages of eating apples, such as lowering cholesterol, battling cancer and enhancing the lungs, Gregg said.

Quinn also explains that high-fiber apples are a good substitute for calorie-laden products and that consumers should eat four nutritious meals a day, instead of three, to eliminate mid-day snacking.

Two Northeast retailers already are running promotions supporting the book and the New York apple association will continue working with additional retailers throughout the year, Gregg said.

Through March, Price Chopper, Schenectady, N.Y., is mailing all its AdvantEdge card holders information about the book and a coupon for 50-cents off a bag of empire apples, Gregg said.

When consumers purchase two 3-pound bags or 5 pounds of empire apples, they receive a free copy of the book, Gregg said.

In April, Syracuse, N.Y.-based P&C Foods plans to use point-of-sale materials to inform loyalty card holders that when two, 3-pound bags of empire apples are bought, they will receive a receipt from the transaction indicating how they can obtain a free copy of the book, he said.

“They’re great programs to help retailers get consumers to eat more New York apples,” Gregg said.

The book is for sale online at www.nyapplecountry.com for $4.28, including shipping and tax, and if the first 5,000 copies run out reprints will be available, Gregg said.

Thousands of books already have been sold, as the result of a media tour Quinn participated in prior to the book’s release, in which she appeared on nearly every television station in New York, he said.

New York apples are available almost year round, and are harvested from mid-August through early November, Gregg said.

N.Y. apple promotions include book for consumers