(May 17) The Oppenheimer Group, Vancouver, British Columbia, and the North American division of Zespri International Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand, plan to introduce a summer marketing campaign to encourage consumers to “Power UP!” with kiwifruit.

Steve Woodyear-Smith, Oppenheimer’s kiwifruit and mango category director, said the companies plan to promote green, gold and organic kiwifruit from mid-July to late August, at stores and special events in 10 U.S. and Canadian cities from Atlanta to Vancouver. Promoters will drive Zespri-branded vehicles with wheelcovers that look like kiwi slices that should attract attention.

The campaign is tied to author Steven Pratt’s inclusion of the kiwi in his recent book, “SuperFoods HealthStyle,” as one of the most healthful foods. Point-of-sales materials and advertisements will use the same strategy of emphasizing the fruit’s nutritional value.

A serving of kiwifruit, which is two medium kiwis, has 240% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C and 16% of the recommended daily amount of fiber. The fruit also is a good source of vitamin E and potassium.

Woodyear-Smith said Oppenheimer is available to work with retailers to customize in-store promotional events and materials.

Zespri is expected to market more large kiwis this season than it has had in several years, with an estimated average size of 31.5. In previous years, the size has been about 33.5-34, Woodyear-Smith said.