(Dec. 11) The Oppenheimer Group, Vancouver, British Columbia, wants to help consumers remember to pack fresh produce for lunch.

Oppenheimer’s new Powerful Lunch bag encourages consumers to eat more produce. On one side, the bag offers recipes for tortilla wraps, and ideas for fresh sides, snacks and drinks.

A shopping list of healthful products, including produce, appears on the opposite side, along with the Produce for Better Health Foundation’s new Fruits & Veggies — More Matters logo and Canada’s 5 to 10 a Day for Better Health logo.

An Oppenheimer logo with the slogan Fruits & Veggies — Eat More appears on both sides of the bag. The company plans to print the new Eat More graphic on value-added packages in 2007, said Karin Gardner, communications manager.

The bags should be available to consumers nationwide by the end of December, said Jennifer Poulson, a business development representative for Oppenheimer.

Poulson, who spoke at the Eastern Produce Council’s dinner meeting Dec. 5, said the company’s plans for the bags are still in the works, but she expects them to be offered to shoppers for free in produce departments.

The bags are intended to be displayed near Oppenheimer products that can easily be packed for lunch, such as clementines, grape tomatoes and small apples, Gardner said.