Organics Unlimited Inc., San Diego, has dubbed September GROW month, showcasing the efforts of its Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers fund throughout the year.

During the last school year, the group helped education programs, community development and health services. GROW has funded a homework club, College Endowment Fund, the Casa Amiga university housing program, the GROW Education Center, vision clinics, dental health education and micro-business training. This year the group gave scholarships to nine university students.

Organics Unlimited began GROW in 2005 and has donated $500,000 to date, helping workers and their families in Mexico and Ecuador, where the company grows bananas. The money for GROW’s donations come from direct donations and surcharges on boxes of wholesale bananas.

“By utilizing small growers in Ecuador and Mexico, we are continuing our mission to provide better lives for the workers, their families, and future generations,” Mayra Velazquez de Leon, president, said in a news release.

Organics Unlimited highlights donations, social programs

Courtesy of Organics Unlimited Inc.

Organics Unlimited Inc., San Diego, is highlighting its GROW (Giving Resources and Opportunities to Workers) fund efforts of the past year during September. The company funded educational programs this year, including a homework club and the GROW Education Center.