(May 20) DELANO, Calif. — Anthony Stetson has stepped up the chain of command at Pandol Bros. Inc. to take the helm of the domestic sales department, which is also part of a recent shift in leadership within the sales and marketing operations.

The promotion comes after the tenure of two top executives ended in late April to early May. Jim Pandol and Scott Rossi had headed the sales and marketing operations during the past nine years.

Stetson has more than 20 years experience in the produce industry. Before joining Pandol’s sales staff in 1995he worked with Blue Anchor Inc., Dinuba, and Dole Food Co. Inc., Westlake Village.

Pandol Bros. declined to comment about why Pandol and Rossi are no longer with the company. The company also couldn’t say who was in charge of its marketing and international sales departments, which Jim Pandol and Rossi lead, respectively.

The changes mirror a transition the company went through about 10 years ago just before Stetson began working for Pandol Bros. in 1995.

A year earlier Rossi and Pandol were promoted to manage the company’s sales and marketing operations. The 1994 promotions were a result of Darrel Fulmer, the vice president of marketing at the time, leaving his position.

Rossi recently joined the sales staff at Four Star Fruit Inc., Delano, but could not be reached for comment.

Pandol Bros. names domestic sales chief