(Oct. 7) YAKIMA, Wash. — C.M. Holtzinger Fruit Co. LLC is the new name of the fruit packer and marketer now that a partial buyout agreement is complete.

Seattle-based Intracorp Capital LLC announced in March that it would acquire assets of Holtzinger Fruit Co. Inc., a company that owned 6,000 acres of apple, cherry and pear orchards. Under the new ownership structure, Holtzinger no longer owns growing operations.

Details of the arrangement were not released.

Intracorp acquired specific assets and operations from Holtzinger co-owners C. Mark Holtzinger, president and chief executive officer, and Andy Brassington, executive vice president and chief operating officer. The owners were majority shareholders in Holtzinger.

A silent partner in the operation, Gordon McFadden, president and principal of Intracorp, now owns Holtzinger Fruit with Holtzinger and Brassington. Intracorp also has positions on Holtzinger’s board.

Brassington said the agreement left Holtzinger Fruit, founded in 1908, well capitalized and poised for growth.

Holtzinger’s father, Charles Mark Holtzinger, the son of Holtzinger Fruit’s founder Charles Milton Holtzinger, wanted his company to focus on sourcing, packing, marketing and shipping. The buyout, finalized in late September, was part of his exit strategy from the company.

Holtzinger Fruit annually packs about 3 million boxes of apples, cherries and pears, Brassington said. It sold $100 million in the three commodities, and organics, in 2003.

Brassington said Holtzinger would continue to pack under the Green Giant label.

Holtzinger sources fruit from 100 Washington and Oregon growers, and it ships from Chile in the off-season.