The Produce for Better Health Foundation is in its third year of promoting a fruit and a vegetable item of the month, and is looking for some new suggestions.

Jill LeBrasseur, communications specialist for the Hockessin, Del.-based foundation, said she needs original recipes that meet the foundation’s products promotable criteria, plus photos of prepared dishes, to go along with recipe recommendations the foundation sends out to consumer media, bloggers and nutrition experts each month.

“Earlier this year we send out a solicitation for recipes to our donors and got a good response,” LeBrasseur said. “We’re going to try to feature different commodities, so we’re looking for new recipes.”

May’s items of the month are strawberries and spinach, so the foundation sent out news releases with strawberry and spinach tidbits and recipes for strawberry shrimp ceviche, and braised spinach with herbs.

LeBrasseur said the foundation’s staff tries to connect specific fruits and vegetables with the times when they’re in season, as well as coordinate them with celebrations, like National Strawberry Month in May and National Apple Month in October.

“I really love the fruit and vegetable of the month and talk about it all the time on Twitter,” LeBrasseur said. “It’s another way to reach out with social media, as well.”