(April 27) Mickey Mouse doesn’t always win popularity contests.

Responding to resistance from some Produce for Better Health Foundation board members, Elizabeth Pivonka on April 25 said PBH was backing off what was initially called a “strategic alliance” with Imagination Farms LLC, Indianapolis.

Imagination Farms had proposed in January that PBH could use Disney characters on the www.fruitsandveggiesmorematters.org Web site to help appeal to kids and increase produce consumption.

After a recent news release announcing a “strategic alliance” between PBH and Imagination Farms, she said that some trustees raised concerns. They were worried the move would give some trustees who are aligned as licensees of the Disney Garden brand and Imagination Farms a competitive advantage over those that are not aligned with Disney, she said.

Pivonka said it was never considered that Imagination Farms would show their products or mention their Disney Garden brand on the PBH website.

Still, Pivonka said as shippers are aligned with certain Disney characters, the concern among other marketers was that the characters on the Web site would be associated with those shippers. Pivonka said she erred in approving the terms “strategic alliance” on the Imagination Farms news release.

“Suffice it to say that we will not be placing Disney characters on our Web site,” she said in e-mail to trustees.

She said the PBH executive committee is working on developing parameters for future collaborations, alliances or partnerships.

Pivonka said Imagination Farms deserves credit for trying to do more to support the cause of increasing produce consumption. She said Imagination expressed their continued commitment to support in-kind PBH web development “within the final policy parameters set by the PBH executive committee.”