The Produce for Better Health Foundation, Wilmington, Del., has a unique recommendation to those making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight in 2010: Eat more.

PBH tells dieters to 'eat more'

That bit of seemingly topsy-turvy advice comes with an important caveat, and that’s to eat more of the right, nutritional kinds of foods, namely fresh produce.

Elizabeth Pivonka, registered dietitian and president and chief executive officer of PBH, the organization behind the Fruits & Veggies — More Matters campaign to increase fresh produce consumption, is steadfast in her belief that denying oneself food — the typical strategy employed by dieters worldwide — is not the answer to shedding pounds long-term.

“We should all be eating more of the things that are good for us and less of those that are not,” Pivonka said in a news release. “That has always been and will always be a better solution than temporarily denying yourself one or more entire categories of food.”

Pivonka suggests eating more foods rich in vitamins and nutrients, those that give more bang per calorie, and avoiding foods that offer fewer nutrients per calorie. Not only is this method the best way to lose weight, but it’s the best method of maintaining weight loss, she said in the release. That’s not to mention health benefits provided by fruits and vegetables that might help reduce the risk of many diseases.

“Fruits and vegetables play important roles in the process of weight loss and weight maintenance,” Pivonka said in the release, “not only because they are low in calories but also because they provide a wide range of valuable nutrients like fiber, vitamins and potassium.”