(April 8, 2:41 p.m.) Fruits and vegetables are good for you and a good time.

That is the message the Produce for Better Health Foundation wants to relay to children with the launch of its new kid-friendly Web site, www.foodchamps.org.

The site is designed to help children learn about healthy eating and exercising, said Kristen Stevens, senior vice president for the Wilmington, Del.-based Foundation.

At the site, children are invited to select one of five Fruit & Veggie Color Champion characters to help navigate through the site, which features a variety of produce-themed activities, including games, coloring pages and recipes, Stevens said.

Foodchamps.org is designed for children ages 2-8, but there are two levels of games, one geared to ages 2-5 and the other to 6-8, Stevens said.

“We developed the kid site as an opportunity to give children the ability to interact directly with the fruit and vegetable characters, so they have a fun way to learn about the benefits of fruits and veggies,” Stevens said.

The Web site is the newest initiative under the Fruits & Veggies — More Matters campaign.


Indianapolis-based Imagination Farms LLC and Kidzsmart, a child-focused publishing company, are helping fund foodchamps.org and are also providing creative input in the development of the Web site, Stevens said.

PBH is in the process of adding games and a party-planning kit for children and parents, suggesting ways to involve produce in birthdays and holidays, Stevens said. Those programs should be finished by midsummer.

After that, research and surveys will be conducted to evaluate children’s opinions of the site, she said.

“We certainly would love to continue to enhance the site,” Stevens said. “For this year, the large-scale plan is to add more games and activities and make adjustments based on feedback.”

PBH unveils kid-friendly Web site
Greta, whose favorite snack is veggies and dip, is one of the cartoon characters welcoming kids at www.foodchamps.org.