(Oct. 24) The fall Core of Healthy Living campaign from Stemilt Growers Inc. will have a champion’s face.

The Wenatchee, Wash.-based grower-shipper decided to use Raoul, the red produce representative from the Produce for Better Health Foundation’s Color Way Champions.

Raoul is a smiling cartoon character introduced by PBH this summer along with other characters representing white, yellow-orange, blue-purple and green color groups of produce.

Roger Pepperl, director of marketing for Stemilt, said the company planned the campaign to go with the PBH characters, hoping other companies will follow.

“We are the first produce company in the U.S. to use one of those characters to tie it in to the product itself,” Pepperl said. “We used research from PBH on the character, and the commonality of the theme of 5 a Day, hoping that other fruit and vegetable companies that are not competing with us would use the characters so it would be a common theme in the produce department.”

Other companies are looking at using the characters, said Christine Filardo, director of public relations for PBH.

Other characters are Greta for green, Big Pauly for blue/purple, Winonna for white, and Yaz O’Frazz for yellow/orange.

The Color Way Champions were designed by the PBH to represent all fruits and vegetables within the color groups, with the purpose of encouraging the public to eat at least a half cup of each color group every day.

Each character is modeled after a fruit or vegetable and derived from the color way logo, but they are stylized enough to represent all produce items in each color category, said Sarah Blair, interim graphic and production director for PBH.

Raoul is pictured on half-pack paper bags, mesh bags, display cards and shelf danglers that Stemilt is sending to about 1,400 retailers nationwide, Pepperl said.

The bags, display cards and shelf danglers are all a part of Stemilt’s Core of Healthy Living campaign, which was launched in early October.

PBH’s Raoul character to stump for Stemilt
  • Raoul represents the red group of produce for the Produce For Better Health Foundation.