(May 12) Laura Wieking, public relations manager for the Pear Bureau Northwest, Milwaukie, Ore., has announced her decision to resign from the bureau effective June 2.

Wieking said she plans to take a new job as a communications manager for the nonprofit Credit Union Association of Oregon, Beaverton. She has worked as the public relations manager for the bureau since 2002.

“We’re sorry to see Laura leave,” said Kevin Moffitt, president and chief executive officer of the bureau. “She’ll be difficult to replace.”

Moffitt said he hopes to hire a new manager in time for the pear harvest in August.

Wieking said she is thankful for the opportunity to work in the produce industry.

“I’ll try to stay a produce advocate now that I’ve learned about the produce world,” she said. “Being known as the ‘pear lady’ is always fun. I’ll miss that.”