The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority filed a motion Nov. 6 to intervene in the State of Delaware’s lawsuit to block the deepening of the Delaware River main shipping channel.

The PRPA will be represented in the motion by Pennsylvania attorney general Tom Corbett, according to a release from the port authority.

Delaware filed suit Oct. 30 in U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware to block the dredging of the channel just days before the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers announced it was moving forward with the project, according to the release. If the motion is granted, the PRPA would become a party in the lawsuit with the defendant, the Army Corps of Engineers.

In the motion, the PRPA argued it should be part of the lawsuit because of the great economic impact and development interests of the Port of Philadelphia at stake. The PRPA also has a financial interest in the project as its local sponsor.

“We are taking this action today both because of how important it is to the people and businesses of Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey and because it is critical that this regional project not be further delayed while other East Coast ports, like the port of New York/New Jersey dredge to prepare for larger vessels,” John Estey, chairman of the PRPA, said in the release.

Philly port authority moves to support river deepening