(April 14) PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh foodservice distributor Paragon Monteverde on April 12 joined the Monterrey, Calif.-based Pro*Act network.

Lloyd Ligier, Pro*Act’s vice president of business development, said Paragon Monteverde’s membership will help fill a gap in distribution.

“It completes an area so we can cover the multi-unit accounts within that region,” he said.

The larger restaurant chains look for distribution programs that Paragon Monteverde can provide Pro*Act in the Pittsburgh area, Ligier said.

Jim Moody, Paragon Monteverde’s president and chief operating officer, said Pro*Act will provide the company the resources and produce purchasing leverage to help the distributor serve the larger chains.

“We can’t obviously go to someone like Outback Steakhouses, though we do have some of their local business, and say that we can cover all of their locations,” he said. “Networking with 39 other strong members puts us on a level above where we’re at now.”

Fresh produce accounts for 75% of Paragon Monteverde’s business.

The broadline distributor also delivers fresh poultry, seafood and dairy to restaurants, colleges, hospitals and other institutions within a 200-mile radius of Pittsburgh.

The addition makes Paragon Monteverde Pro*Act’s 40th member. In December, Indianapolis-based foodservice wholesaler Piazza Produce Inc. became the 39th member.