(Nov. 8) Uno Chicago Grill has a new menu this fall with an emphasis on healthful foods, but deep-dish pizza fans won’t be left behind.

“The menu was designed to offer food choices that appeal to every preference and every diet,” said Chris Gatto, the vice president of food and beverage and the company’s executive chef.

“We want people to have choices when they come to our restaurant, and healthy eating is all about choice, so we decided to do something about it,” Gatto said. “We still have our indulgent deep-dish pizzas for those that want them, but if you want to come in and eat lighter, you can have one of our great salads.”

The companywide menu change began in February, with Gatto and two other chefs working in the Boston-based Uno Chicago Grill test kitchen in Norwood, Mass. A nutritionist was hired in May, and new items crept into the menus during “Summer Stuff” promotions in June and August, followed by the new menu at half the Uno Chicago Grill locations in late September and the rest in mid-October.

The company has 206 locations in 32 states and other countries.

New items include two salads, two vegetable soups, a Farmer’s Market pizza with caramelized onions, spinach, toasted eggplant and plum tomatoes, and a vegetable and goat cheese wrap that has zucchini, summer squash, peppers and onions. The eight-item salad menu includes a class cobb salad, a Chinatown chicken salad with mandarin oranges, a South Side BBQ chicken salad with black beans, corn and tomatoes and a spinach, chicken and gorgonzola cheese salad.

“Although we made these healthier, we never lost focus that this is all about flavor,” Gatto said. “If the food doesn’t taste good, it doesn’t sell.”

All locations will also have nutritional information kiosks with touch screens. As with McDonald’s new nutrition information initiative, diners will have access to all items at the restaurant, from appetizers to entrees. Unlike McDonald’s, which prints the information on the food wrappers, patrons can see the information before being seated.