(Sept. 26) Instead of commanding children to live healthfully, Wilmington, Del.-based Produce for Better Health Foundation has decided to spread that message through comics and games.

That’s the idea behind a new CD-ROM created by Oakland, Calif.-based Sound Advice Inc. and the Produce for Better Health Foundation.

The PBH version of the “Noteniks Healthy Eating & Exercise CD-ROM” will offer eight interactive games that focus on the importance of exercise and eating fresh produce, said Mindy Myers, founder of Sound Advice. At the end of each game, Myers said the child earns a fresh produce fact instead of a point.

“Comics are a wonderful way for a child to open up and feel like they’re learning,” Myers said.

The CD-ROM should become available for purchase on PBH’s Web site — www.pbhfoundation.org — and catalog in early January, Myers said. It will retail for $19.95, Myers said.

Along with the new CD-ROM, Sound Advice offers a general “Noteniks Healthy Eating & Exercise CD-ROM.” The CD-ROM is geared toward children ages 3 to 8, and includes a curriculum and activity page. It is available through Sound Advice’s Web site — www.noteniks.com.