(Aug. 20, 11:56 a.m.) “Peel Back the Truth”, the slogan of a new national print advertising campaign launched Aug. 15 by the Denver-based U.S. Potato Board, aims at debunking nutritional rumors and providing moms with accurate information about the fresh potato’s healthful qualities.

The campaign features a graphic of a potato being peeled. Under the skin lies the truth about a nutritional rumor featured on the potato’s skin. Each ad takes up the bottom half of two facing magazine pages, the left-hand side displaying the rumor and the adjacent featuring the peeled potato with the truth revealed.

The first mom-targeted “Peel Back the Truth” magazine ad ran in Parents magazine. The ads should start to appear in September issues of Southern Living and Weight Watchers, and in the October issues of Cooking Light, Redbook, Taste of Home, Family Circle and Woman’s Day, said Linda McCashion, vice president of public relations for the U.S. Potato Board. Three ads will rotate through the magazines. Each will have the same dialogue, but displayed on three different graphics: a Russet, red and white potato.

The ads were created by Sterling-Rice Group, a Boulder, Colo.-based communications firm. The same agency created campaigns for the California Almond Board and DiGiorgno frozen pizzas. The ads are expected to run throughout the fall, stop over the holidays, and then start back up for January through March.

The campaign is also being used to flaunt the U.S. Potato Board’s newest campaign signature, “Potatoes … Goodness Unearthed.” That campaign was designed by New York-based Sterling Brands. Its messages, along with the “Peel Back the Truth” messages, focus on potatoes’ high-vitamin, high-nutrient and low-fat qualities, pointing out specifically that the average potato has only 110 calories, no fat, sodium or cholesterol and provides 45% of the recommended daily value of vitamin C.

McCashion said the U.S. Potato Board should have another mom-targeted communication up by Aug. 22. The board is working on www.momsdinnerhelper.com, an online resource where moms can borrow recipes uploaded by other users, add their own recipes and evaluate other menu ideas.

The site’s registered users will collect “potato points” for interacting on the site. The points can be redeemed for prizes from the U.S. Potato Board, including a potato peeler, and apron and a reusable shopping bag, all sporting the “Potatoes … Goodness Unearthed” logo.