About 232 million cwt. of U.S. potatoes were in storage on Dec. 1, 13% fewer than the year before.

About 66% of the potatoes harvested in the fall had yet to be shipped as of Dec. 1, down from 69% on Dec. 1, 2009, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service’s Dec. 15 Potato Stocks report.

At 119 million cwt., potato disappearance was up 1% from last year at the same time, according to the report.

December stocks were down in most major potato-producing states. About 82.5 million cwt. of Idaho potatoes were still in storage on Dec. 1, down from 98 million a year ago.

Washington had 44.1 million cwt., down from 53.1 million; Wisconsin 16.5 million, down from 20.6 million; Colorado 15.5 million, down from 15.9 million; Oregon 15.1 million, down from 17.4 million; and Minnesota 11.1 million, down from 13.3 million.

North Dakota’s stocks rose from 13 million to 14 million cwt., and Maine’s stayed the same at 12 million cwt.