(Jan. 5) MONTEREY, Calif. — Pro*Act plans to fill a gap in its Midwest foodservice distribution channel with the addition of its 40th member.

In mid-December, Indianapolis-based foodservice wholesaler Piazza Produce Inc. joined the Pro*Act network, which now boasts 58 distribution centers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Piazza distributes a full line of fresh-cut produce to Indiana and parts of Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio and western Missouri.

The company declined to reveal sales or volume figures. Its refrigerated facility is 55,000 square feet and features a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points program.

Though Pro*Act had members that surrounded Piazza in bordering states, Indianapolis and northwest Kentucky posed a gap in the company’s coverage, said Lloyd Ligier, vice president of business development at Pro*Act.

Ligier said Piazza, founded in 1970, would supply most produce items that foodservice customers in the area demand.

“They are in a key market for us,” he said. “They cover an awful lot of ground.”

In a news release, Piazza’s president, Pete Piazza, said the company’s Pro*Act membership would help it supplement its purchasing power. Piazza also said Pro*Act’s information technology resources would be valuable.

Piazza became the second company to join Pro*Act in December.

Pro*Act’s network extended to Canada with members Fresh Start Foods Inc., Toronto, which latched on in December; and Montreal-based Hector Larivee Inc., which in November became Pro*Act’s first Canadian produce specialist member.

In December Ligier said the organization’s next targeted market would be Vancouver, British Columbia.