SOUTH AND CENTRAL DISTRICT, CALIF. — Shipments moderate — Movement expected about the same. Trading moderate. Prices generally unchanged. 7/10-bushel cartons shippers first grade 75s mostly $29.53-32.55, 95s mostly $30.53-32.55, 115s mostly $29.53-32.55, 140s mostly $26.53-28.55, 165-200s mostly $24.53-25.55, 235s mostly $19.53-21.55; shippers choice 75s $18.53-21.55, 95s mostly $19.53-22.55, 115s mostly $21.53-23.55, 140s mostly $23.53-24.55, 165s mostly $22.53-24.55, 200s mostly $21.53-23.55, 235s mostly $16.53-18.55; standard 115-165s mostly $17.53-19.55; organic shippers first grade 75-115s mostly $36.53-40.55, 140s mostly $34.53-38.55; shippers choice 115-140s mostly $22.53-26.55. Quality generally good.

CHILE — Imports (42-20*-43) — Imports via boat. Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading moderate. Prices unchanged. 17-kilogram containers 75s $25-26, 95s $25-26, 115s $24-25, 140s $22, 165s $22, 200s $20-22. Quality good. *revised.

MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS — Crossings (0-1-1) — Movement was expected to increase as additional shippers expected to begin late the week of Aug. 9. Trading moderate. Quality generally good. Sufficient volume and number of shippers for first f.o.b. report were expected the week of Aug. 16. Sizes expected to peak on 115-140s.

Pricing Dates: 
Sunday, August 8, 2010 to Saturday, August 21, 2010


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