YAKIMA VALLEY AND WENATCHEE DISTRICT, WASH. — Shipments (161-152- 137, includes exports 62-53-50) — Movement expected about the same. Trading active. Prices generally unchanged. 4/5-bushel cartons wrapped U.S. 1 anjou 70-100s $22-24, 110-120s mostly $21-22, 135s $18-20; bosc (standard russet) 70-90s mostly $22, 100s $18-20, 110s $16-18, 120s $14-16. Quality generally good.

CHILE — Imports (0-9-15) — Imports via boat. Movement expected to increase. Port of entry: Philadelphia area. Trading moderate. Prices lower. 18-kilogram containers wrapped summer bartlett 70s 70-80s $32-34, 90s $30-32, 100s $26-28, 110s $24-26. Quality good.

ARGENTINA — Imports (0-0-0) — Imports via boat. First arrivals expected by late February to early March. First f.o.b. report expected by early March. FIRST REPORT.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011 to Saturday, February 26, 2011


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