KERN DISTRICT, CALIF. — Shipments (159-160-163) — Movement expected to increase. Trading fairly active. Prices generally unchanged. 48 1-pound film bags in sacks medium-large mostly $13.40-14.35, 50-pound sacks loose jumbo mostly $10.50-12.35. Baby peeled 30 1-pound film bags $18-18.75. Organic film bags in sacks medium-large 48 1-pound, 24 2-pound and 10 5-pound mostly $24.35-26.70. Quality generally good.

MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH TEXAS — Crossings (32-33-27) — Movement expected about the same. Trading early moderate, late slow. Prices slightly lower. 50-pound sacks loose jumbo mostly $7-8. Quality variable.

MICHIGAN — Shipments (0-5-9) — Movement expected to increase as harvesting increases. Trading moderate. Prices sacks 48 1-pound film bags medium $12.50-13, 24 2-pound film bags medium $12.50-13, 16 3-pound film bags medium $12.50-13, 50-pound sacks loose jumbo $11-11.50. Cooling included. Quality good.

Sections The Packer: 
Pricing Dates: 
Sunday, August 21, 2011 to Saturday, September 3, 2011


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