CENTRAL AMERICA IMPORTS — Imports (68-99*-76) — Imports via boat. Movement expected to remain about the same. Ports of entry: south Florida. Trading moderate. Prices higher. Honduras. 1 1/9-bushel cartons medium $28-28.95, fair quality $12-12.95; cartons 24s $10-10.95. Quality generally good. *revised.

MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH NOGALES, ARIZ. — Crossings (201-101-67; field-grown 176-83-57; greenhouse 25-18-10) — Movement expected to decrease. Trading long seedless active, others moderate. Supplies long seedless light, others very light. Prices long seedless 12s generally unchanged, 16s higher, others much higher. 1 1/9-bushel cartons medium $30.95-32.95, medium fair quality mostly $26.95-30.95, small $24.95-26.95; cartons 24s $8.95, 36s $18.95-20.95. Greenhouse cartons film-wrapped long seedless 12s mostly $10-10.95, 16s mostly $10.95-12.95. Quality and condition variable. Freezing weather in early February expected to cause supply gap into mid-March.

Sections The Packer: 
Pricing Dates: 
Sunday, February 27, 2011 to Saturday, March 12, 2011


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