CENTRAL AND SOUTH FLORIDA — Shipments (311-353-425) — Movement expected to remain about the same. Trading fairly slow. Prices lower compared to May 18. Extra services included. 25-pound cartons loose mature-greens 85% U.S. 1 or better 5x6s $7.95, 6x6s $7.95, 6x7s $7.95; U.S. combination 5x6s $5.95, 6x6s $5.95, 6x7s $5.95. Quality variable.

MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH NOGALES, ARIZ. — Crossings (greenhouse 138-133-108, vine-ripes 105-59-38) — Movement expected about the same. Trading slow. Prices lower. Carton/flats vine-ripes two-layer 4x4s mostly $5.16-6.95, 4x5s mostly $5.17-6.95, 5x5s $4.99-6, 5x6s $4.64-5. Quality and condition variable.

MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH OTAY MESA, CALIF. — Crossings (greenhouse 7-12-3, vine-ripes 2-8-11) — Movement expected to increase seasonally. Trading slow. Carton/flats vine-ripes two-layer 4x4 to 4x5s mostly $8.95, 5x5 to 5x6s mostly $6.95. Quality generally good. Prices from trade sources. First f.o.b. report was expected to be issued the week of May 31.

WEST FLORIDA — Shipments (0-0-0) — Light harvest is expected to start in mid-June. Expect first f.o.b. report by the middle of June.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010 to Saturday, June 5, 2010


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