SOUTH FLORIDA — Shipments (32*-39*-35, includes organic 3-1-1) — Movement expected to increase. Trading moderate. Prices generally unchanged. Includes palletizing and cooling. Flats 12 1-pint containers with lids $10.95; 20-pound cartons loose $19.95-20.95. Organic flats 12 1-pint containers with lids supply insufficient and in too few hands to establish a market. Production expected to be lighter through early March. Prices represent Feb. 4’s market. Prices for Feb. 7 to be established based on Feb. 8’s market. Quality generally good.

MEXICO CROSSINGS THROUGH NOGALES, ARIZ. — Crossings (32-33-33) — Movement expected to decrease sharply. Trading moderate. Supplies light. Prices much higher. Flats 12 1-pint baskets with lids medium-large mostly $22.95-24.95. Growers report heavy damages because of freezing temperatures Feb. 3-4.

Sections The Packer: 
Pricing Dates: 
Sunday, February 6, 2011 to Saturday, February 19, 2011


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