Heather Hammack
Heather Hammack

Growing up on a ranch and driving tractors every summer has given Heather Hammack, director of sales and marketing at Famous Software a unique perspective on the industry because her life has always revolved around agriculture.

Hammack doesn’t care for the negative aspects of agriculture like water issues and unpredictable weather but has a passion for working in the produce industry.

“Working in the produce industry is very dynamic to say the least,” Hammack said. “The industry is in a constant state of change and I like that no day or week is alike.”

Hammack began working at Fresno, Calif.-based Famous Software in 1999. As director of sales and marketing, Hammack participates in and moderates Famous Software groups working on the sixth version of the company’s enterprise resource planning software, mobile-device products, business intelligence products, company strategic planning and sales strategic planning.

Hammack directly manages staff, travels throughout the U.S. and Canada, and takes part in internal meetings that discuss the status and direction of product lines. Hammack also is involved in company and product strategies and development.

She also is active with the Newark, Del.-based Produce Marketing Association. Hammack has served on PMA’s exhibitor advisory committee and Fresh Summit committee for three years and as a career ambassador for the PMA Foundation for Industry Talent for six.

“I get the most enjoyment working with people, whether it’s a current customer, prospective customer or Famous Software employee,” she said.

Kirk Parrish, managing partner in Famous Software, said “because of her outstanding work ethic, focus and her ability to form and maintain relationships, she has gained the respect of the staff and has become one of the company’s most outstanding leaders.”

Hammack said she believes in a servant-style leadership philosophy.

“We hire the best people we can and let them do their jobs to the best of their abilities,” Hammack said. “I believe my job is to play a supporting role and help them be as successful as they can be.”

Hammack enjoys leveraging her experience and using her knowledge of the industry to work on solutions that will help customers. “I am committed to helping our customers become more efficient, accurate and productive with the software we provide,” Hammack said. “Our job is never done, as our customer’s requirements are constantly changing.”

Through experience as a leader and a mother of two young children, Hammack has learned the importance of time management, flexibility, focus and patience.

“Prepare yourself the best you can, control what you can control and be prepared to work around the rest because in any personal or career-related experience, there are many things outside of your control,” Hammack said. “If you are well-prepared, you can maneuver around the unpredictable and make it work.”

“The future is bright for Heather,” Parrish said. “Her outstanding leadership qualities, coupled with her incredible judgment and focus, will serve her well as she continues to expand her responsibilities at Famous Software.”