To Hal Miller, family values are a big part of why he enjoys the produce industry.

Miller got his start with Kwik Lok Corp. as regional sales manager for the Pacific Northwest and Canada in 1979.

Fast forward 35 years, and Miller, 70, is vice president of sales for Kwik Lok, based in Yakima, Wash.

Working in the industry for more than three decades, he said that he enjoys the people from the family-owned companies he often deals with.

“We are a family-owned company and just working with those family owned businesses has been a real treat,” he said. “Their heart and soul is into it and it always fun to be with those guys,” he said.

Miller grew up in Tacoma, Washington and graduated from the University of Washington in 1968.

Before coming to Kwik Lok, Miller had worked as a school teacher for a couple of years, was helicopter pilot for five years on active military duty and ran a small independent sales company With three decades invested into a Kwik Lok — a 60-year old company — Miller has an appreciation for how the industry has changed.

“The packaging industry is always changing — you are seeing a lot more handle bags and everything else — but I think there is always going to be a need for a plain old poly bag and the reclosable feature,” he said.

Miller’s positive attitude comes through in his relationship with the industry, said one executive from Kwik Lok.

Bruce Cox, Northwest field representative for Kwik Lok Corporation, said that Miller bleeds the corporate color red but is keen to watch out that his staff have a work life balance.

“He is a role model to all of us on how to be a great father, husband and to balance the demands of being a traveling salesman,” Miller said.

While close to if not at the twilight of his career, Miller said he still enjoys his job and being around people and working with his sales staff, he said. He also travels to Kwik Lok’s international offices in Japan, China, Australia and Europe.