(July 9) MILWAUKEE — It’s All-Star time, and produce has its chance to shine.

For baseball fans who attend the July 9 Major League Baseball All-Star game in Milwaukee, there are several smatterings of fresh produce, according to Web site SportsbyBrooks.com.

Oh, there’ll be plenty of ballpark franks, but you can also get a marinated grilled portabella mushroom on a foccacia roll. There’s seasonal fruit salad with yogurt. Get 5 a Day the old-fashioned way with gourmet candy apples. Don’t forget the venison jerky (OK, it’s not produce, but baseball deer — an American favorite. Yum).

At Miller Park’s more formal establishment, the .300 Club, club level members can balance out rich meats, poultry, seafood and pasta with salads and seasonal vegetables. Fans who want to dip radishes in their beer, presumably, are left to smuggle them in.