(Sept. 12) Salinas, Calif.-based European Vegetable Specialties Farms Inc. is taking a step back in its new radicchio promotional materials.

Three new posters introduced by the company in mid-September have retro styling inspired by lithographed fruit labels affixed to wooden shipping crates used in the first half of the 20th century, said Dennis Donohue, president.

“We wanted to have a fun look for radicchio,” he said.

The Red Rose Vargas Girl posters feature a red-haired woman holding a head of radicchio with the slogan “From One Redhead to Another.” The name Vargas alludes to Peruvian artist Alberto Vargas, who created images used on aircraft, ships and uniform jackets of U.S. servicemen during World War II, Donohue said.

Each poster has advice for storage and handling radicchio. There are three styles of posters, one for each of the company’s radicchio growing regions — California, Florida and Arizona.

The posters will start shipping as box inserts in Royal Rose-branded radicchio by late-September.

He said the Red Rose Vargas Girls may be used for advertising and other point-of-sale materials on a customized basis.