(July 25, PACKER WEB EXCLUSIVE) The Washington Red Raspberry Commission, Lynden, Wash., launched a consumer-focused Web site this summer.

“The old Web site had lots and lots of information, but we wanted to provide info to the retail and industrial and foodservice trade,” said Dee Munson, promotions coordinator for the commission.

A recent consumer market research study from the commission was another driving factor behind creating a new image for the commission. The research revealed that consumers like raspberries second only to strawberries as their favorite fruit.

Ninety-five percent of Washington raspberries are processed or frozen. The commission learned consumers are most comfortable using raspberries in smoothies, with dessert, cereal topping and yogurt following behind, Munson said.

The market research gave the commission a lot of news to talk about and helped inspire the commission to move forward, Munson said.

The commission’s original Web site at www.red-raspberry.org continues to stay up as a primary source for industry information. Munson said she expects that Web site to be updated with some of the information that is available on the new consumer site at www.raspberryinfo.com.

The commission also has contracted Dave Grotto, a registered dietitian, as spokesman.

Grotto is taping a short video series that outlines specific foods that are excellent for health. He selected raspberries as one of the first four products to feature in his videos.

The videos will be available on the commission's consumer Web site.

Raspberry commission gears Web site to consumers
Dave Grotto, registered dietitian and spokesman for the Washington Red Raspberry Commission, records a short video featuring raspberries. The videos will be available on the commission's new consumer Web site.