(March 3) Snack packs of grapes, sliced apples and baby carrots will be Ready Pac Produce Inc.’s first addition to its Cool Cuts line.

The Irwindale, Calif.-based company took over Cool Cuts when it bought the fresh-cut operations of Tanimura & Antle nearly two years ago.

Until now, the Cool Cuts line — which bears Looney Toons characters — has included six fresh-cut celery or baby carrot items and peanut butter or ranch dip.

Beginning this month, Ready Pac will add both fruit and grouped snack packs to Cool Cuts.

The additions, called Cool Cuts Ready Snax, will feature Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird and the Tasmanian Devil on the packaging under Ready Pac’s ongoing partnership with Warner Bros.

Production is set to begin March 13 from the company’s Florence, N.J., processing facility, and the products will be rolled out first on the East Coast, said Steve Dickstein, vice president of marketing.

The first product is a clamshell containing six individually sized, 2-ounce packages of sliced apples. The second, a variety clamshell, contains six 2- to 2.25-ounce packages: two each of sliced apples, grapes and baby peeled carrots.

Suggested retail price is $3.29-3.69, Dickstein said.

Packaging for the established items shows Looney Toons characters dipping and eating carrots and celery. The packaging for the added items will contain activity cards with games and trivia featuring the cartoon characters.

Ready Pac also is working with Warner Bros. to develop a customized Ready Snax coupon that will be featured on select Warner Bros. DVDs.