(Oct. 23) ORLANDO, Fla. — A new product line of bowl salads called Bistro To Go was the highlight of the Ready Pac Produce booth.

The salad bowls are available in chicken caesar, chef, spring mix veggie, spinach bacon and Greek, said Bill Zinke, vice president of marketing for the Irwindale, Calif.-based company.

Proprietary packaging allows for the combination of fresh lettuce, as well as the protein ingredients such as ham, chicken, cheeses and even hard-boiled eggs, Zinke said. Each bowl contains a cup of premium salad dressing and a fork.

Ready Pac already began rolling the Bistro To Go salads out on the East Coast this fall, and Zinke said the company received positive results.

“We’re especially pleased with the consumer market research results on the product and are confident the new bowl salads will be a great success with our customers and consumers,” Zinke said.

According to Ready Pac research, 79% of those who have purchased other single-serve salads say Bistro To Go bowl salads offer better quality. Satisfaction scores were about 97%.

“Most importantly, over 89% of people surveyed who tried the bowl salads said they would purchase them again,” Zinke said. “That means we’re converting nine out of 10 people who try the product into at least a second purchase if not a regular buyer, which represents a high level of repeat sales for retailers.”